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Nikki Dukes, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


Nikki Dukes, LPC

Nikki Dukes, LPC earned her Master's of Science in Counseling from Villanova University. Nikki is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  She specializes in helping clients process emotions that are accompanied by life transitions.

Nikki Dukes who works with both individuals and couples experiencing depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders. In session, she use a person-centered approach to ensure that clients are in the driver's seat of their treatment. She aims to 'help clients use the tools that already exist within them.'

Nikki understands that 'life comes at us fast' and believes that 'everyone needs to know that they are supported in their struggles.' Nikki continues that 'sometimes, so many things are happening at once that it can be difficult to sort through the mountain of worries to find the root of it all.' That is why Nikki assures that with her many years of experience helping clients, she too can help you develop skills to better control your thoughts and emotions. In and out of session, Nikki is warm, patient, and inviting. Her therapeutic style is both empathetic and goal oriented. 


Nikki shares: "It is my personal goal to help you move forward by coping with what it is you are going through right now. Reach out to me and we will navigate your wellness journey together. I am excited to get to meet you!

Nikki facilitates weekly sessions helping clients address their challenges and offers free 15 minute phone consultations upon request.


I can help you get started.

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