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Virtual Therapy

With virtual therapy, even the busiest of clients can benefit from accessing personalized sessions without having to step into the office as clinical services are now being offered though HIPAA-Compliant video platforms. Using a one-time link, you can attend sessions remotely by logging on from the convenience and comfort of your own home. 


  • Do people have the same success through video as they do with in-person?

    • Absolutely. The quality of psychotherapy does not change through the mode of its' delivery. Our therapists still have the same qualifications, experience, and training that make them just as effective when speaking with you through video as they would in person. 

  • Will I have a harder time building a connection with my therapist through virtual therapy?

    • The connection you build with your therapist will be the same whether you meet in person or not. If your therapist is not the best fit- meeting in person won't change that. Contacting our client coordinator to receive your most appropriate match is the best way to enhance your chances of building that genuine therapeutic connection.

  • Will it be awkward and uncomfortable?

    • Therapy, by definition, can naturally be 'awkward' or sometimes uncomfortable as therapy encourages you to talk about feelings, thoughts, and experiences that we might otherwise avoid. While therapy becomes more comfortable over time as you build rapport with your therapist, occasional discomfort is a good thing. In fact, it is a sign of growth! The healthy discomfort that shows up in therapy is present both in person and virtually.

  • What are the advantages of being seeing virtually versus in person?

    • Some of the advantages we've heard from clients who prefer to be seen virtually are the conveniences of being able to log on to session minutes before meeting for therapy. What would take clients hours in commuting with traffic and parking is now replaced with the click of an easy to use one-time link. The simplicity of virtual therapy has allowed clients to show up on time, meet more consistently, and have less unexpected cancellations which allows clients to get the most of their therapy experience.


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